Island Mljet

Just off the Dubrovnik coast, Mljet is a magical island where Mother Nature has bestowed some magnificent gifts. The abundance of luxuriant vegetation – a rich tapestry of Aleppo pine and evergreen oak trees – has earned it the title “the green island”. Inland, two sparkling seawater lakes, Veliko Jezero and Malo Jezero border a designated National Park. Around the coast, the clear blue waters of the Adriatic invite you to take a dip.

Time magazine once named Mljet one of the 10 most beautiful islands in the world, and legendary underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau loved it here. He recognised this Adriatic isle as one of the most intriguing places in the world to dive. Today, the underwater visibility is still extraordinary.

In 1960, the north-west part of the island was declared a National Park thanks to its exceptional flora and fauna, history, scenery and cultural value. Particularly beautiful is the tiny island of St Mary on Veliko Jezero lake, the site of an ancient Benedictine monastery dating from the 12th century, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Hiking and cycling paths weave their way across the entire island, through rich forests, along the shores of Malo Jezero and Veliko Jezero and over the hills, with their Roman fortifications, to the cliffs and rocky shores exposed to high seas. Just one hour from Dubrovnik, you can enjoy day trips to the Old Town and beyond, but many prefer to simply sit back and surrender themselves to the peaceful solitude of this unspoilt isle.

Ulysses Cave is believed to have sheltered the mythical Greek hero Ulysses, after he was shipwrecked on Mljet Island. Surrounded by picturesque fields, this beautiful cave is a must-see sight. Popular with divers, you can also access it by swimming in through the crystal clear waters.

Relaxing and exploring go hand in hand on Mljet, with scenic trails to trek, historic sites to visit – including a magnificent 12th-century Benedictine monastery – a beach to sunbathe on and a wide range of watery pursuits to tempt you into the island’s two seawater lakes. Scuba-diving fans return year after year to experience the incredible visibility for which the Adriatic is famous.