Peninsula Pelješac

The Pelješac peninsula has since ancient times been adorned with grape vine plantations, and wine production has a long tradition and is one of the most important commercial activities.

Wine roads, winery tours and vineyards of Metohija, Boljenovići, Sparagovići until Putniković and Dubrava, represent a powerful experience of tradition and love from the citizens of the Pelješac península.

Around the middle of the peninsula there is an oasis of tranquility and beauty, in a sandy bay facing the west: the village of Žuljana. Widely known since 1924 for its beautiful and numerous sandy beaches, sunsets and diving in attractive locations organized by local diving centers. Accommodation in this part of the peninsula can be found in private hotels (Mali Ston), large auto camp (Prapratno) and small auto camps (Hodilje, Brijesta, Žuljana); as well as in private accommodation in all villages and coves.
Ethno gastronomic offers can be experienced in many domestic restaurants and rural households.

*text and potos Tourist office of Dubrovnik Neretva County